Dracaena Rikki

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  • Air Cleaner: Yes, removes toxins from the air.
  • Difficulty: Easy - Great for beginners!
  • Lighting: Medium to Bright Indirect
  • Mature Size: 8 to 12 feet
  • Pet Friendly: No. Can cause mouth or stomach irritation when ingested.
  • Ships Within: 5–10 business days
  • Watering: Water the plant deeply to saturate the root zone, and then allow the top of the soil to dry slightly before watering again, as soggy soil smothers the roots and causes rot.

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Dracaena Rikki (Dracaena deremenis "Rikki") is a relatively new type of dracaena recognized by arching, deep green leaves, each marked with a yellow stripe running lengthwise down the center of the leaves. Dracaena "Rikki" is a fast-growing plant that reaches heights of 8 to 12 feet at maturity. 


Dracaena "Rikki" is a good plant for indoors with low or moderate light. If the yellow markings on the leaves begin to fade, move the plant into slightly brighter light but avoid direct, intense sunlight. Dracaena performs best with moderate amounts of water. 

What's Included

  • A healthy plant in its pot with soil
  • All the tips and tricks for plant care

Please Note: The pot shown in the pictures may be for inspiration purposes only and does not mean the plant will come with the pot pictured. All plants are shipped in a plastic grower pot unless otherwise stated/chosen.