Homalomena - Emerald Gem XL

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This native of Asia and South America is an indoor plant with its green, spade-shaped leaves as its highlight. The Emerald Gem is slightly more finicky than some of its relatives like the low-maintenance philodendron and requires a little extra TLC; that being said, it is a fun houseplant to add to your collection and is something different from the usual.


This plant appreciates high humidity and temperatures and prefers the top half of the soil to be dry between waterings. Learn More

What's Included

  • A healthy plant in its pot with soil
  • All the tips and tricks for plant care

Please Note: The pot shown in the pictures may be for inspiration purposes only and does not mean the plant will come with the pot pictured. All plants are shipped in a plastic grower pot unless otherwise stated/chosen.

We always try to package our plants with care and ship them without damaging the leaves or stems; Although, sometimes during the shipping process, the plant may get browning or wilting on a leaf. It is recommended you take your plant out within an hour of arrival and provide an appropriate amount of water and light. It is normal for it to be dry and leaves to be limp, it can take up to 1-2 weeks for your new plant to acclimate to its new environment.

Plant Care

Overwatering is a frequent problem with Homalomena. Water thoroughly, but only do so after the top half of soil has dried out and be sure to have a well-draining pot for these plants.

Though they will do just fine at an average household humidity level, Homalomena enjoy higher humidity environments and would do well with an occasional misting.

During the growing season, fertilize once a month with only half the recommended strength. There is no need to fertilize during the winter.


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Cold Weather Packaging

Our cold weather pack is designed to protect your plants during transit to you during cool temperatures.

XSmall Plants: 1 Cold Weather pack per 3 plants

Small Plants: 1 Cold Weather pack per 2 plants

Large Plants: 1 Cold Weather pack per 1 plant

We carefully wrap the plant inside insulated material.

Please bring your packages inside immediately during cold weather. We cannot guarantee that this packaging will prevent plants from freezing if left outside in temperature under 40 °F.

We cannot replace plants damaged due to cold weather that are not shipped with cold weather packaging.